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  Our mission is to help you  calm and restore yourself so you can be balanced and flourish. Transforming our clients inside and out is truly what we love to do. Each client has a unique path in their life and sharing your journey with us is a gift. We love to empower each guest with education, kindness,  care and seeing each one shine. 

 Shannon Nicholas

Owner, Licensed Esthetician, Cancer Aware Skin Specialist and Reiki Practitioner 

Shannon  is a Licensed Esthetician. She graduated from Lancaster School of Cosmetology, IDI and Dermalogica in King of Prussia where she is certified as an Expert.  She takes continuing education classes to stay up-to-date with then new treatments and products for her clients.   Shannon’s primary focus is in acne. Dealing with acne is frustrating,  stressful and she has experienced it personally.  Whether it is a minor breakout or calming the skin from the medically treated products used, she wants to treat and teach each client how to properly care for their skin. 

” Dealing with acne firsthand, I have done and tried everything before I became an Esthetician. Looking back at how I treated my skin I cringe on the things I did from soaking my skin with the alcohol pads, layering makeup on my skin to hide the breakouts and more! I honestly know what it is like to deal with acne, I have tried it all. With proper education, treatments and products,  I now know how to treat skin the correct way. I want to educate clients at any age that acne can be treated and controlled.  When I decided to open the spa, my main goal was to be affordable and still correct skin issues.  We all love to relax and be pampered, but treating the skin is my  focus and at my spa and we do both. I offer free consults to see how we can help you achieve your goals. Your skin is the largest organ on the body let us show you the proper way to care for it.”
Oncology Skincare  
Shannon has also taken post graduate classes in Oncology Esthetics.  She has undergone extensive education to understand  how cancer and the therapy treatments affect the skin.  Oncology skincare will help calm and restore the changes in the skin while going through cancer therapy.  These therapies ravage the  epidermis leaving it fragile, irritated, peeling and very dry.  Traditional esthetics can do more harm than good.  These conditions can be easily lessened by providing a customized  service for your specific  needs. 


Megan Scheuring  Reiki Master & Alternative Energy Therapist

Megan, an Alternative Energy  Therapist, is a true believer in holistic care and spiritual awareness. She is a Reiki Master that shares her gift with her clients and help them reclaim balance to their lives.     Healing oneself from the inside out is a necessity to live a full healthy and happy life. She holds many different energy modality certifications to help care and guide her clients to a balanced life.