upstairs massage room before              main room beforeReception Room before           dwnroomfb         old room fb

  upstairs room             reception room                  downstairs massage       upstairs massage





  reception room               skincare room              massage room                  massage room

reception room after                 Skin Care Room             frntrm                   Massage





Blush and Brushes Painting Party

pntpty2     pntpty1


Nun Run with Melt





Berkshire Country Club Golf Event with Melt

cnrtyclubevent cnrtyclub2



mackfb         bailfb

My daughter loves to make

characters with makeup!

Our Open House

We collected donations  for Shriners

Children’s Hospital.  All the items

that our guests gave us were directly

given to all the children at the hospital.



     onc2fb  onc1

My Oncology Class through Greet the Day!

It was life changing to work on clients that

     were going through treatment


Our very own Reiki Master in the newspaper!

meg full thro


Our Christmas Party!  I don’t know what I would do without these girls!

pty1 pty02 pty3





  We added Melt to the sign!                     New floors

   My new facial bed

sign  floors table