Waxing, Tinting and Spray Tanning


We are a NO DOUBLE DIP spa.  Each wax stick we use is clean and new.  By this we mean that the wax stick is placed into the wax pot, then applied it to the area/skin to be waxed, the stick is thrown away in the trash can immediately. We do this for many reasons. Imagine how many people are being waxed everyday with just one stick and you keep double dipping?  The tin of wax could have traces of blood,  hair, and more. It would be a breeding ground for bacteria, which is extremely unsanitary. Wax doesn’t heat up to a high enough temperature to ‘kill’ any bacteria. This is a myth, so please don’t be fooled into believing this. If anything, since it is kept at a warm temperature, it is more likely to be a perfect breeding ground for germs to fester and multiply. Germs love warm places! We pride ourselves on sanitation and making sure our clients are in the healthiest of hands.



Upper Lip or Chin $10 each  15 minutes

Eyebrow $15   15 minutes

Full Leg $60   90 minutes

Half Leg  $ 35  45 minutes

Bikini $40   30 minutes

Brazilian $65 and up 70 minutes

                                                                                        Chest $40 40 minutes

                                                                                     Full Back $55 50 minutes


*before and after waxing care*


post wax





Eye Lash                   $25  20 Minutes

Eye Brow                  $20  20 Minutes

Both Services           $40


                         Brow Makeover $ 25 and up


                                  Spray Tanning $ 35


                       Makeup Application $75 and up